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Anything else / Sunday, December 31st, 2017

Welcome aboard, I am BoJack (or Paul, as you want) and welcome on my blogIncredibly Fascinated“. At the time where I write that, I am the only one who write on this blog but I dont know my future and maybe this blog will become globally famous and I will have to run a company out of it, or maybe not. Either way I am happy to start this blog.

I am a french student in art and media which is passionate by a lot of things and really want to talk about it and analyze part of it. Thats why you are on a blog which gonna talk about TV Series (and US/UK television in general), content creators (also known as Youtubers/Streamers or Influencers) and eSport. Because why not! Yeah, theses 3 subject seems totally unrelated (except the fact they all are a bit geek) and they are but I have a lot of things to say about it and I am ready to create link which doesnt exist to prove my point that everything is connected (article write in 2017, its a reference to a lil British show called Dirk Gentlys Holistic Detective, you should check it out).

I create this blog also because I have something to say about all theses new things, I am not only passionate and fascinated about it but I also feel like they bring something new to the table. They break the frontier between fiction and reality from a new perspective. Because in the end, theses 3 topics are all about reality. TV series are about reality and fiction like movies but in a new dimension because we watch TV Series everywhere, the characters from that show you like follow you literally (Chris Traeger) to your couch, your bed or even your shower. Theses characters are an actual part of your life and you will live with them for years. eSport is all about bringing stories, life of young people as a show, as a game, its all about create story from reality and real life. And of course content creators are the ones who mix reality and fiction more than ever before, they are the ones who succeed where reality TV has fail.

So lets just say its a blog about the line between reality and fiction but on new medias, which people dont really talk about yet (and dont want to talk about). I am really glad you are here with me on this journey, lets talk about some amazing things.