6 fictions you should watch instead of 13 Reasons Why

Content creators, TV Series / Friday, June 29th, 2018

You must have heard about 13 Reasons Why, the show which depict depression and suicide. The season 2 just came out with a lot of problems in it. I don’t want to talk about all the problems but instead I want to focus on the positive, so I will just give you better things to watch.

For me the big problem with 13 Reasons Why (season 1 and 2) is in its promo. 13 Reasons Why was sell as a show talking about depression and suicide, but it is actually not the case, it is a show about bullying and that’s kind of it. And it’s a good show about bullying (this topic is well depicted). I really like the first season, I found the second season watchable, it’s entertaining. It’s sometime really well-done, with some amazing musics and great shot. The only problem is, again, it’s not a show about depression or suicide, at all. The creator pretend to open a discussion about this subject but it’s clearly not the case.

So my goal today, is to give you 6 fictions (tv shows, movies or even songs) which handle depression or suicide in way better way (which honestly is not that hard to do). Some will only depicted one form of depression, other will clearly open a discussion. And all of them will do what 13 Reasons Why pretend to do but never suceed to do.

First and foremost, the brand new song Empty by Jaiden Animations. There is not one shape to depression, but multiple types, and depression doesn’t need to be justify by anything (like a trauma). It can be, but it doesn’t have to! In this song, Jaiden talks about her life and how she feels when she was having anorexic troubles. This story was already tell in one of her animations Why I don’t Have a “Face Reveal”, both of theses videos are must-watch.

The Leftovers: The Leftovers is a great TV show about mourning. Because it’s all about mourning it instantely talk about depression. How impossible it is to react to the death of someone we love! Depression doesn’t have to always be explain, and life is not always fair! The Leftovers is not really about depression, but it mention so well, so many subjects, including depression, I couldn’t not put in this list.

Birdman or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance. I mean, the second part of the title explains it well. Birdman is about one specific type of depression, but it depict it in such a way I had to put it here. I could also have put on this list the movie Melencholia which non-surprisingly is about Melancholia.

Chatroom: 13 Reason Why talk about bullying, here is a movie which depicted a really horrible but realistic internet bullying. I must warn you, this movie is hard to watch! And the movie won’t give you anything to help you or relate on. It is a movie which show and face the reality of bullying.

Bo Burnham: Sometime laughing is good way to talk or open the discussion about a real issue, on this topic, Bo Burnham do it so well with songs like Lower your expectation or Kill Yourself.

BoJack Horseman: People always thinks BoJack Horseman is a stupid animated sitcom about an Horse, but they are all wrong (and I am so glad they are). While I was talking with two of my friends about 13 Reasons Why and the bad picture of depression in it, I have manage to convince them to watch BoJack Horseman instead. I have tell them it was the best tv show about depression. I only give them one clip to convince them, this one: